Celebrity Deaths in Music

  • Geoff Emerick, 72 (1945 - 2018)

    Geoff Emerick

    Geoff Emerick was an important part of the Beatles sound as the main recording engineer for many of their albums. Starting out as an assistant engineer at EMI, George Martin requested that Emerick become the Beatles main engineer in 1966. Emerick was behind the board on the groundbreaking albums "Revolver," Sgt. Pepper' Lonely Hearts Club Band," and "Abbey Road." He died at the age of 72. For...

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  • Peggy Sue Gerron, 78 (2018)

    Peggy Sue Gerron

    Peggy Sue Gerron was the real life inspiration for the Buddy Holly classic "Peggy Sue." She was the girlfriend of Crickets drummer Jerry Allison. Holly had originally written the song as "Cindy Lou" for his niece. After Allison and Peggy Sue broke up, Allison asked Holly to change the title to "Peggy Sue," in hopes of getting back together with her. Allison and Peggy Sue did reunite and were...

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  • Otis Rush, 84 (2018)

    Otis Rush

    Otis Rush (1934 – 2018) was a legendary Chicago blues guitarist known for his fluid jazz influenced style which came to be known in Chicago as the West Side blues sound. He was a major influence on many guitarists including Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Carlos Santana. He died at the age of 84. For full obituary and coverage from Legacy.com, click here.

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  • Marty Balin, 76 (1942 - 2018)

    Marty Balin

    Marty Balin (1942 – 2018) co-founded the band Jefferson Airplane after meeting guitarist Paul Kantner at a hootenanny in 1966. The legendary San Francisco psychedelic rock band was known for 1960s classics such as "White Rabbit" and "Somebody to Love." He died at 76. For full obituary and coverage from Legacy.com, click here.

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  • Mac Miller, 26 (1992 - 2018)

    Mac Miller

    Mac Miller (1992 – 2018) was a popular rapper who just released his fifth studio album titled "Swimming" in August which debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200. The album featured the single "Small Worlds." Miller was about to start a US tour in support of the album on October 27 in San Francisco. His 2016 album, "The Divine Feminine," charted at number 2 on the Billboard 200 and featured...

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